Aerial view of Linnean House with Swift pools in the foreground

Linnean House

The historic Linnean House has been renovated to return to its origins as a 19th-century orangery through the Gateway to the Garden campaign. An orangery is a term for a greenhouse used to overwinter potted citrus and exotic plants, which is how the Linnean House was initially used when first constructed in 1882.

Renovations to the Linnean House also included increased accessibility through the removal of doorsills and the creation of a new north door. Existing window glass repaired and replaced and the brick floor laid after upgrades to the lighting, ventilation, heating, and irrigation systems.A horticulture design plan combining old-world charm and modern technology will help transform the Linnean House in a world-class display space as the only public orangery in the Midwest. A wide variety of rare and exotic plant material from the Garden’s living collections will be on display.

Commitment to Sustainability

Sustainably designed and built for future growth, the  Gateway to the Garden campaign features best practices in construction, design, and operation to achieve optimal use with minimal environmental impact.

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