Emerson Conservatory

The Emerson Conservatory, featuring the Orthwein Conservatory Garden, is the first dedicated floral conservatory and display hall constructed on Garden grounds since 1915.

A dazzling new conservatory, just steps away from the entry lobby, invites guests to explore a unique landscape of Mediterranean plants, complimenting the nearby historic Linnean House. Guests will glimpse the lush gardens within through the conservatory’s glass walls. Visitors waiting at the adjacent Tram Shelter also enjoy views of the Emerson Conservatory display hall.

Permanent beds provide year-round displays and seasonal surprises. The conservatory also creates a new home for our beloved annual flower shows, the Gardenland Express Holiday Flower and Train Show and the Orchid Show.

Commitment to Sustainability

Sustainably designed and built for future growth, the  Gateway to the Garden campaign features best practices in construction, design, and operation to achieve optimal use with minimal environmental impact.

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