Lobby of the New Jack C. Taylor Visitor Center

William T. Kemper Lobby

The William T. Kemper Lobby of the Jack C. Taylor Visitor Center provides access to updated and expanded visitor amenities—ticketing, restrooms, dining, gifts, and education spaces.

All visitor services are accessible on the main floor—no steps or elevators required—with wide views of the Missouri Botanical Garden landscapes that await beyond through a southern wall entirely of glass.

Visitors can travel from the front entrance through the Kemper Lobby to these guest amenities, then continue past the Visitor Information Desk to the Lelia J. and David N. Farr Auditorium, the Emerson Conservatory, and the Tram Shelter through both indoor and outdoor corridors. Glass walls provide breathtaking views of the landscape in all weather and seasons. 

Design elements like the zinc wall panels and terrazzo flooring with inlaid brass leaves bring in elements of the outdoors. Above, a glass structure fills the space with natural light. A custom biophilic scrim mimics the quality of light experienced when walking under a canopy of mature trees. Images of trees from the Cherbonnier English Woodland Garden inspired the unique dappled light design within the Kemper Lobby. 

Commitment to Sustainability

Sustainably designed and built for future growth, the  Gateway to the Garden campaign features best practices in construction, design, and operation to achieve optimal use with minimal environmental impact.

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